Welcome all cultural creatives, Rockabilly folk, Pin Up Goddesses, Burlesque artists, and Circus folk thank you for ready about my intentions. My intention is to have fun with our slow fashion clothing label. I would like to allow the customer you to be creative and add your own flare. We hope this attitude will enhance your day through positive expressions. Feeling good is the key to happiness and well being. This can all start here at Razzama Dazzle and help the planet feel good.




Slow Fashion celebrates personal style and awareness of the needs of our planet. Slow fashion embraces the idea of personal expression at an artistic level. Mass-produced fashion has reduced it to millions of copies of an original idea. Instead of walking around in carbon copy garments slow fashion asks us to tap into our creative & value the beauty and endless possibilities of clothes as art. 

Conscious consumption: Practicing thoughtful purposeful purchasing decisions. When we slow down & consciously choose our clothing that fits well, flatters and that we really love.

Thoughtful and deliberate purchases can enrich our lives. 

This will contribute to a huge landfill problem that we have every year tones and tones of clothes just get thrown away, because people want to be in fashion with the fast fashion industry but it is killing the planet.  Choosing quality slow fashion items reduces the amount of clothing textiles that end up in landfill because you love them and keep them for longer. Less is more.

Here at Razzama Dazzle we only make a limited number of each fabric design and style.

Our production runs are between 1 to 50 items and never any more.



Over the last 10 years of manufacturing, we have adopted several sustainable practices up-cycling using offcuts from dressmaking and other factory outlets offcuts as well. We have designed products to minimize wastage of fabric dramatically reducing the amount of waste management. This reduces our waste by 70%. The rest of our offcuts are donated to playgroups and kindergartens craft classes to further education in sustainable practices.

We charge our phones, computer, and lights by solar and are working on a project to run our machines on solar as well. We will en-devour to improve and update these practices as they become

available for us to use.

Razzama Dazzle is 100% designed and prepared in Australia 60% is sewn in Australia personally ourselves and 40% is sewn off sore in Indonesia. Our lovely Bali family run a high quality, clean factory space. We are proud to support this family and pay them above industry rates to inshore continuity & fair trade practice. The money goes directly to this family and their sewers and not all chewed up in administration cost. Feel proud of your purchase as the income has gone to help families in need of work.




Doing your laundry has one of the highest household carbon footprints.

Preserving the planet can start here in your home. Be responsible for the life of your garment after purchasing it. As a designer, I am making efforts to design garments to ensure greater longevity & decrease the need for washing and general aftercare. Most garments after washing if hung correctly can be worn without ironing. Washing your garment is a very important part to slow fashion, please read more to learn why and some tips on how you can help the planet and a longer life span of your garments.



  • Consider washing your clothes less often, do they really need a wash? Wash them on a fast wash they don’t need a lot of washing and if there are stains spot washing is great way to save water and simply air dry.


  • Use less Eco powder you only need a small amount of powder to hygienically wash your clothes at least use half of what is recommended for washing powders is plenty to use. This has been tested and proved less is good. This also sends less harm into the water ways if your not using eco washing powders.

  • Best to do a full washing machine load short spin cycles, saves money and time.

  • Don't use fabric softeners they are harmful to the water ways, no Bleach, no Iron or tumble drying either needs to be used. We are blessed with plenty of sun in Australia and your garment will last longer out of the dryer.




  • No tumble drying, we have lots of sun here in Australia. Garments also don’t last as long after several tumble dries. The elastic which is in most fabrics brakes down and weakens the fabric reducing its life span.

  • Use bamboo pegs as a long lasting home ware item.